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Have you ever got stuck on road without accurate GPS location? Have you ever needed all GPS based tools in one app?

Get GPS Tools, all in one GPS app which includes location tagging, speedometer, altimeter, compass directions, gps alarm, distance, level meter, area finder, gps time, gpx importer/viewer, hiking maps, and more.

Highly Battery optimised GPS app

Fast GPS update and Works offline

Easy to use and well organised

Navigation app for all your outdoor activities including hiking

Customisable GPS based tools

Get exact location always even in low signal areas with high accuracy

Useful set of tools with address finder

Share location photo, address and coordinates to others

Track and find your lost phone

Never miss a bus or train stop again with GPS alarm during transit

Going outdoor, trekking or visiting new places? Do not forget to take this app

While trekking you can access altimeter, compass, weather, pressure and more

Import GPX files of your trips. View tracks, routes, elevation and waypoints from GPX files

Analyse information and statistics of your tracks and routes

View graphs(charts) for variations of speed and elevation of your tracks

Set speed limit and get warned while over speeding

Record your speed and track your trips

Get direction towards your destination with compass

Measure your surface level with spirit level meter

Find Global Positioning System (GPS) date time

Align your satellite dish with satellite number and signal strength

Stay out of polluted areas and dire diseases with air pollution monitor

Plan your travel based on your local weather and forecast report

Stay dry during rainy season with rain alerts

Stay out of sunburn and melanoma with UV index data

Measure area of your plot, land or house with area finder

Find altitude or distance between any places quickly

Save your favourite places you want to visit or go frequently

Get accurate device sensor data

Have app on your wear and stay updated

* Supports android wear and instant app feature

* Supports metric and imperial units

* Some features may not be available in all countries

Download GPS Tools and enjoy using all GPS features with minimal battery usage!

To know more about us and share your feedback, please visit us at

GPS Tools Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gpstoolsapp

GPS Tools Website: https://gpstools.app

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